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“makeup will never let you master it. it’s always evolving, and it will challenge you everyday. we all need that type of friend in our lives; it’s humbling.”

- cg

about the artist

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Colleen began her career in the beauty industry in 2007.

As a young girl she collected magazines, such as Allure and Vogue, studying makeup by staring at a photograph in order to recreate a look. When traveling abroad in 2007 to Istanbul, New Zealand, Australia, Paris and London (a home away from home), she discovered her passion for makeup through different cultural expressions in local communities. From there, she started her career at Sephora Powell St in San Francisco, CA where she expanded her brand and business knowledge by managing store sales and building brand relationships. In 2013, she said goodbye to Sephora to return to her artistry roots by landing an opportunity to freelance for Smashbox Cosmetics. Within 2 years she became one of the brand’s Artistry Trainers focused in Artistry Education and Development. In 2018 she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her dream career as a full-time freelance makeup artist.

Since then, she has moved to LA to pursue her artistry full time while still maintaining close relationships to industry professionals who have had a huge influence on her career.

She has contributed for beauty campaigns and print editorials in brands and publications such as Marie Claire, Smashbox Cosmetics, Rag and Bone, All Saints, and more.

She has also contributed to Emmy Award winning film and commercial work with organizations such as the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Fox Studios, Wired and more.

Having built artistry relationships with some of the top makeup professionals - Colleen believes success is not found alone, and believes she built her career from artists surrounding her who have influenced and pushed her along the way.

Being surrounded by a group of creative individuals is what she loves the most about the industry and feels everyone brings something to the table no matter their role. Success is shared and she maintains that mentality to this day.


On days off, you can find Colleen out with her Dalmatian Remi, cooking for friends and family, or exploring new surroundings . When timing permits, she makes a point to travel the world to stay inspired.

For booking inquires - please use the contact link or email colleenguzinski@gmail.com